Living a Paradox

When did we forget how precious our one sacred life is? When did we start rushing around reaching, searching for more––more adventure, more bucket list items to check off, more assignments or tasks finished, more cool places to post about on Instagram, more parties, more likes, more accomplishments to add to our resumé, more busyness […]

“I, the Lord, love Justice”

For a few months, I have been completely fascinated with this single word. And its meaning has compelled me towards so much truth. Truly, it is not uncommon for me to be excited about words. One liner puns get me every time. Also, words of affirmation is one of my top love languages, so words […]

Zeal for Freedom

Something I’ve come to appreciate recently is how interconnected our world is. Meeting people from different places always teaches me that there are so many things that are universal. We are not that different. I’ve also learned that things that seem distant from my life at first glance may actually hit closer to home than […]

La Trata de Personas : the truth

SAN JOSÉ , COSTA RICA The truth about the nature of sex trafficking, and the good news about the work being done in the heart of it in San José. Or as it’s known locally, ‘CHEPE.’ You would only use this nickname for the city if you were 100% local, but my U.S. friends and […]

Slightly More Inconvenient

It was inconvenient to put myself at direct risk for getting lice. When a 17-year old girl who was rescued from her trafficker just a week before snuggled onto my shoulder, I had no absolutely no hesitation. Absolutely resolute on letting her know how precious she is. It was inconvenient for me to hug her […]

Jet-Set Joy

As I board my 17th flight of 2017, I cannot help but note it because the number alignment is just too significant to ignore. This unplanned “gap semester” has been the best. Airports are crazy places. They house a flurry of on-the-go business travelers; sweet, familiar reuniters; excited, anticipatory vacation goers, and seriously everyone in […]

Lessons from Latin American Culture

It is incredible how much the idea of the elusive ‘perfection’ can take over a moment. It astonishes me how much the allure of seemingly good things can deceptively steal my presence and contentment in the moment right in front of me––for what it actually is. I think true rest and presence of mind includes […]

New Adventures: The Her Initiative

Hello! Update update update. As of recently, I am the new Marketing and Development intern at Healing Waters International headquartered in sweet, sweet Denver. God is so faithful and has a plan that I never could have asked for myself. What a reason to rejoice! Disclaimer: I’m going to describe what Healing Waters does using […]

Living Undivided

It is so crazy to be writing to you all again now because within the course of just a few short weeks, my life-course has come to a complete halt and turn around. In the past month and a half, I have boarded 6 airplanes, withdrawn from the university that I was attending, said some really hard […]

Hard Pressed: Being Refined When it Hurts

Jesus, restore me. Come be here. Those are the only words I could utter in prayer. There were points throughout my first semester of college that I was completely overwhelmed by anxiety, uncertainty, weakness, sleepless nights coughing up my lungs, longing, hurt, and even bitterness all at the same time. There were mornings that I […]